Cooper:: 10 months!

We're in the double digits, Mister! You literally grow before my eyes every month, and I love it! Yes, I remember the sweet, helpless little newborn, but totally love this sweet, active baby stage!

We celebrated 10 months by giving you some biscuits with sausage gravy for breakfast - you loved it, and proceeded to also eat all of your fruit & yogurt. Therefore, Cooper, my new nickname for you is Scrappy - you will eat anything! You still like to crawl around on the floor at home & daycare, scavenging for any leftovers, or really anything to put in your mouth.

This month, we've started giving you a lot more table food. Daddy says I am creating a bad habit by giving you food off my plate, but sometimes, it's just easier. You've tried BBQ, steak, buttery potatoes and pizza, to name a few.
You still nurse and have pumped milk, but you are only taking about 4 ounces in your bottles, leading me to believe you will have absolutely no problem weaning. You nurse in the morning, take fruit & yogurt around 8:30 a.m., 4 ounces around 11 a.m., lunch (veggies) and 4 ounces around 1 p.m., 4 ounces and a snack (usually puffs) around 4 p.m., dinner (chicken, turkey or spaghetti) at 6 p.m., and nurse about 8 p.m., before bed.

The teething devil continues to wreak havoc on your life {and ours!} You now have six teeth - the four on top and two middle on bottom. And I am pretty sure the next two on top are working on pushing their way through. All those teeth do help you eat, however, so I'm sure you don't mind too much :)

This past month, we took you to the zoo and your first Neighbor Days. You spent an entire weekend with Grandma and PaPa while Mommy & Daddy went on a work rewards trip to Branson, and rumor has it that you were an angel. We are all pretty sure that we will keep you around :)

You crawl pretty fast and can be wherever you want to be. Cooper, you are working on standing up without support, and are getting to where you can do it for about 10-15 seconds. Changing your diaper is even more of an Olympic event these days. You are brave enough to stand on your changing pad on top of the dresser and your glider, but still can't work up the courage to take a step if you aren't holding on to something. Silly boy.

You are such a cuddle bug, and often bury your face into mine or your daddy's neck. You are also getting a little attached to us - we have to ease into transitions a lot more when we leave you. Last week, you did not want me to leave you at daycare one morning and I was running late. It absolutely broke my heart to leave you crying, and I may have shed a few tears on my drive into the office.

You can say mama, dada, da (dog), uh (uh oh). You wave bye bye. We are working on blowing kisses. I am pretty sure the remote is your absolute most favorite toy. You love to get kisses from Coco (the dog) and to pet Jaxon (the horse.) You really love tractors (real and toys) and anytime you are playing with a toy with wheels, it is upside down so you can move those wheels.

Coop, you are all boy and have begun sporting bruises from your shenannigans. I have no idea where they come from, but you are all up in everything, so it's not a huge surprise. Last week, Mrs. Robin found you and the other babies who are all a few months older than you on the kitchen floor playing with all the paper plates. I'm sure it was part your idea :)

You are just the sweetest, most precious baby ever. Thank you for being you - my sweet little bundle of love.

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  1. Feeding food off your plate does not equal bad habit in my books. That's actually all we did when Tully weaned. He eats what we eat--has since day 1 of introducing solids!

    Happy 10 months, cute lil Coop!

  2. How is that sweet boy already 10 months! Time is just flying! I think it's great that you feed him off of your plate! The sooner they eat what you eat, the easier meal time becomes! He's such a sweetie pie and I'm dying over his darling little grin!


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