Cooper:: 11 months!

Yes, I'm a day late ... yesterday was a crazy busy day and I didn't get a break at work, plus I'm a huge ball of hormones about my baby growing up.

Denial. That pretty much sums up how I feel about my {baby boy} being less than a month away from a year old. How on earth is it possible?

So ... I'd say the biggest update is your eating habits. You love food! The other night, you seemed hungry, so I gave you FIVE cubes of spaghetti {normal is four}. Then you still acted hungry, so we did some puffs. You still seemed hungry, so you had a small container of applesauce. And you ate from my plate. Hungry, hungry hippo you are. Some days, I have to bribe you with puffs to get you to sit still long enough for me to buckle you in to the carseat.

You're still enjoying your breastmilk, and we nurse morning & night, then you have 12 ounces over two to three feedings while at the sitter. We are working on transitioning you to the sippy cup.

Cooper, you typically take two naps a day. But on the weekends when we all sleep in {you have slept as late as 9 a.m.!} you'll usually just take a long nap later in the morning and that's all you need!

You are a boy on the move! And into everything. No full-on walking yet, but you stand on your own for longer & longer, and you have taken a few steps unassisted {things like getting from the couch to the ottoman.}

Super Cooper, you get on your mama's nerves. A lot. You want to be in everything, but not everything is suitable for a little boy. But you have a sweet smile and I forget it all in no time.

You are starting to show a bit of sass and attitude. If you aren't happy, you definitely express that! You are really enjoying being held ... which is great, except when I need to do the dishes, get dressed, etc.

You enjoy our evening runs. You love your horses and Coco, the "da."

You've learned how to clap. You give the best kisses. Playing with my pots & pans and spatulas is one of your favorites.

I never imagined life with a little boy could be so sweet! You are a very loving little guy, and I am so lucky to be your mama.


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  1. Oh my gosh! (I literally said out loud!!) Seeing that last picture makes me want to cry! He is getting so big! Look at him just standing there playing with the pots and spatula! Sheesh! I feel like I haven't seen enough pictures! haha. It doesn't seem possible for him to be such a big boy already.

    Good luck, mama. The next month will be hard. What's gotten me through all Gray's growing is he is getting more and more fun. I love all the new developments and things he does.

    Happy 11 month's Cooper!

    Ps! I tried the candy corn and peanuts that I've been wanting to try forever since you mentioned it maybe a year or two? ago. I'm not crazy about candy corn because it's too sweet. But the ratio of like 3-4 peanuts to 1 candy corn is pretty awesome. :)


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