The Great Debate

Hubs and I are debating a lot of things around the house these days.

Whether to get some cleaning help weekly or bi-weekly.
How extreme I should go with first birthday party planning. 
What came first ... the chicken or the egg {OK, I just threw that one in for laughs!}

But, by far, the biggest is what Baby Coop should be for his first Halloween. 

In surprising Michelle fashion, I'm actually advocating for no costume, just a cute kid. I mean, seriously ... in all likelihood, he'll still be crawling. Most costumes that are appropriate for an 11-month-old are the plush, super-heavy ones. My kid sweats. A lot. I'm not putting him in something like that. Plus he won't keep anything on his face these days. 

We won't go trick-or-treating. Coop obviously isn't allowed candy, and we live out in the country, so other than perhaps visiting a few friends {and mind you, Halloween is on a Wednesday this year} the only purpose a costume serves is to give into society. I'd much prefer to spend the $$ on a cute outfit he can wear several times. Maybe I can pin a sign to it that says "my mom is cheap?" :)

I really want your opinion - did you dress up your kids for their first Halloween? How? Because other than a cute kid with a cheap mom, a little farmer is my only idea right now - after all, I already have the bib overalls!

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  1. I would probably just get a superman onesie or something like that. Something cheap and simple and call it a day! He could wear it to daycare and a few more times after that :)

  2. We are only dressing Grayson up for picture purposes really. I was going to buy something really cute but I'm not wasting the money on it. Instead, I found a monkey costume for 6-12 months and it is 2.50. :) I'll take pictures and we'll take him to a door of a friend/family JUST for pictures only. No candy of course. I've hated when parents take babies who obviously can't eat the candy. It's rude. But I totally wanted a scarecrow I saw that Sears sells. It was only 20 bucks but even that much for an hour or so? Nope.

  3. T was 6 months for his first Halloween. No costume. He sat on the porch in footed jammies and handed out candy with us. This Halloween he will be 18 months. No costume. My mom picked up an orange shirt with a pumpkin face at consignment, and I think we're going to hit up a kid friendly carnival where T can run around. I personally think costumes and candy are a total waste when they are this young. Maybe I'm just bah-humbug...or maybe I'm just practical.

    On a related note--T's first birthday consisted of two dinners with immediate family and cupcakes. No banners, no hats, no nothing.

    I think if you have friends with kids the same age, it makes more sense to get together and go all out (themes, pictures, etc.), but our friends live a state away, so we spend quiet time with family for holidays and birthdays and save money for other things.

  4. Here are my two cents, because like they matter! lol ;)
    If he is still crawling I wouldn't worry about it. I don't have a baby right now, but next year I will and they will still be crawling - I just think it's a waste of money. We have already decided that our child will not go from house to house to trick or treat - hello, crazy's!! We'll probably just do our Church Trunk or Treat or just go and see family. Which means I probably still won't invest a fortune into a costume until it's old enough to say what it want's to be, you know?


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