Mother of the year again

Last night my sitter stayed up late polishing my Mother of the year trophy.

Why you might ask? Oh, instead of taking my son's prepared bottles, I accidentally grabbed the two with extra milk. No nipples, no straws. Five ounces of milk - he usually has 12. Ugh. Thankfully he does a great job of eating real food and did very well.

Not to mention, he did his typical head-banging against the wall while getting dressed. So hard that he knocked a picture frame off the other side.

I'm currently working on my acceptance speech :)


  1. You know, I don't know how Moms can ever be expected not to forget things. The Mom Brain is insanely overloaded. We have so much to remember and so much to do. I'm coming to terms with it and I know why I forget so much. I panic a lot of mornings and think I forgot his milk. So far I haven't. My sitter also keeps some of his bottles. I used to hate that but I don't have to worry about sending them, she washes them and has them and he has formula there for back up if I ever forget milk so I'm covered.

    Head banging?!?! Ouch!! :(

  2. I'm just now catching up! :)
    Get to working on that acceptance speech because you are mom of the year. I'll probably be e-mailing you a lot for advice!! :)
    Head banging?? Bless his heart!!


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