• I know I'm always talking about how crazy/busy/hectic life is, but this week really has been terrible. I've been the point person on two large events within 24 hours of one another. Never again.
  • Thankfully, our luncheon yesterday went really well. Now I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that tomorrow's Jamboree is also a success.
  • I also had an event to attend last night. I'm starting to think it was totally unnecessary to use vacation time for Monday, since I'm easily putting in a full 40 hour week and then some.
  • Mister is teething and he hurts so bad it makes me sad.
  • I started a weekend wrapup post on Monday but never finished it ... but our 5K last weekend went really well! The beginning was a bit rocky for me, as I couldn't get my music or map my run app working. Once I got that figured out, I realized my shoe was untied {no, I don't knot ... but next time I will!} Thankfully, the race began on a downhill slope, so I had a great time of 8 minutes for my first mile, and ended up finishing the race with a 29:32 time. And third in my gender/age division. Woohoo!
  • We're still running, and debating purchasing a treadmill to get us through winter. I also decided hubby and I would do the 300 ab challenge. So he convinced me to lift weights (upper body with him.) Yes, we're doing it a bit in reverse by getting in super great shape at the end of summer, but oh well!
  • Temperatures have dropped about 40 degrees in the past 24 hours. Ouch.
  • I'm not thrilled about the cooler temps, but wanting it to balance out so my allergies line out. I'm losing my voice :(
  • And because no blog post is fun without a sweet picture ...

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  1. I always find myself getting on the workout bandwagon in the winter too. Great job on the 5K!


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