Life lately

  • How it's already mid-October is beyond me. In fact, I'm still dating some things as September!
  • I've been a bit hit and miss here lately, so of course I have tons of updates on Mister Cooper. But since he's going to be 11 months next week, I think I'll save them for then.
  • I'm on a mini vacation through Monday. My sitter's off because her son is getting married and I decided instead of trying to line up people for three different days, I would just stay home with Super Cooper.
  • The idea of spending three days with Cooper as a "single mom" is actually a bit frightening to me! He's just at the stage where he is in to everything and I really need to work on patience, so I'm trying to find something for us to do and get out of the house daily.
  • How weird is that? Six months ago, I would have given almost anything to be a SAHM or WAHM, and now I can't fathom the thought.
  • We are running another 5K this Saturday. This one has a large hill at the end, so I'm a bit scared. Also, my times lately have sucked - Sunday we were running about half of it in horrible wind (while pushing a stroller I might add) so my pace for the third mile was 11:34! Then last night the road was busier than usual and I had to run into the grass twice, which I know slowed me down. Ugh!
  • Taking all this into account, I've decided that as long as I finish in less than 30:31 (my time for the last 5K) I will be alright with it.
  • Last week, I got the stomach bug. From my child. For the second time in four weeks. Needless to say, this has also put a hitch in my training.
  • It has been good for the weight loss, however. I've had a lot of water weight lately between muscle soreness and being sick, so I'll probably do an "official" weigh in some time next week
  • Will you keep me in your thoughts tomorrow? Well, my mom actually. She's having a really basic procedure, but good thoughts and prayers are always appreciated :) 
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  1. Good luck on your 5k tomorrow! My first is tomorrow as well. It's a huge event (probably the biggest in our area) I'm so nervous and wishing I hadn't picked this one to be my first! ha.

    Hoping your mom's procedure went well!


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