Cooper:: 15 months!

So, I kinda skipped over 14 months.

Honestly, while Cooper is still making huge milestones, they are more rare now, plus it's nearly impossible to get pictures. So, I think I'll start doing these every two months instead.

These past two months have been all about finding yourself, Mister Cooper. You are a sweet little boy with a lot of personality really beginning to shine through.

Probably the biggest thing is that you are a climber, my little monkey man. In fact, your sitter says she's never had quite the monkey like you :) This really doesn't surprise me because your daddy is still a monkey man and Grandma Jo remembers mommy as quite the climber, but man, you are out of control. You climb on everything - including the baby gates. Mommy & Daddy took the bumpers out of your crib this weekend, so you don't get that extra couple of inches to hike your leg over. Because lemme tell you, you can get in and out of the tub on your own if you want to, and that scares me.

Getting up and down chairs, beds, etc. is no feat at all for you.

Mister Cooper, you have no fear, and that scares me, too. You'll walk around on the ottoman and sometimes jump off. You think that you are a big kid like all the three and four year olds at daycare, and you are bound and determined to do anything.

You love the outside so much. A few weeks ago, we got some really nice, unseasonably warm weather and your daycare went outside to play a couple days. Well, that got you hooked, because you now cry whenever we go inside her house in the mornings, and you get really upset if we get home and go straight in, instead of letting you play with the pets and just be a boy.

Cooper, you have gotten very dramatic. I was just saying the other day, you cry {whine} more now than you did as a baby. You hate hearing the word no, and when we say it forcefully, you'll cry big fat crocodile tears. You've successfully mastered the art of throwing a tantrum, and will just lay down on the floor if you don't get your way.

Since I want to remember it all - the good, the bad, and the ugly - I will say that your temper/anger is starting to show now, too. This morning, you got so mad at me for making you get out of the trash can {mean mommy, I know} that you set your eyes on your shoes, sitting on the toilet seat, and smacked them off. Daddy and I are definitely going to have to start teaching you not to be a brat!

You are a really, really good eater. If I need to get something done without you underfoot, I just put you in the high chair with a snack :) You pretty much eat three meals a day, although you have an afternoon snack and sometimes two breakfasts - you'll graze on Cheerios/bananas at home and then have whatever all the other kids are having at daycare. Oh a whim, I gave you cherry tomatoes one day while I was preparing supper, and now you are tomato crazy. Whether they are fresh or it's just a meal with a tomato sauce, like chili, pizza or spaghetti, it's a favorite.

Other foods that you'll devour most every time we place them in front of you are: cheese cubes, animal crackers, goldfish, sausage, bacon, fried eggs, hamburgers and waffles. Honestly, you really just eat whatever Daddy & I eat, and that's a blessing.

While you are particular, you are still pretty chill - as long as everything is going your way - ha!

You are a man of habit already. In the mornings, when I get you out of your high chair, you start saying "bye!" because you know it's time to leave for daycare. When you are tired at night, you walk to the hallway door. The other day, we got home and walked inside. My hands were full, so you closed the door and followed me to the kitchen. My little angel!

You are beginning to grow quite attached to things, especially your ducky lovey that you sleep with at night. You are a daddy's boy more than a momma's boy, but you have a fit most mornings when I go to leave daycare.

We can tell that you are really working on conversation. It kills us that we have no idea what you really mean to say! The things you pick up and repeat are hilarious. The other day, while Daddy was handing me things from his lunch box and saying "here" you would also say "here." Other words include Doc, Coco, dog, ba (boom, after Daddy shot his gun!), no, yes, yeah, uh huh, uh uh, uh oh, whoa and more.

You like to pinch and hit. You love playing with your blocks, Little People Farm, and pushing around/sitting/standing in your dump truck. Any time you play with trucks or tractors, including the real ones, you make a motor noise!

You wear mostly size 12-18 months, but I still squeeze you in some 12 month sleepers because I love them. You are in a size 5 or 6 shoe. We just bumped you up to a Size 4 diaper. You continue to be an amazing sleeper.

While you can be a crazy man, you are still such a sweet little boy. You are a great little cuddler, and every now and then, you'll settle long enough for us to read you a book. I totally cherish those moments of you hugging up on me - it's the sweetest!

We love you to the moon and back, little man. While these days are insanely crazy and I find myself losing it more often then not, I wouldn't change it for the world and will ALWAYS cherish these days.


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  1. I miss blogging and talking to you!

    Grayson is also in 12-18 months and just got bumped to a size 4 diaper! As of like 2 days ago! Aye. I have such a big boy. He totally looks like he's 1 already. He's 23 pounds!

    Grayson seems to be following in Cooper's footsteps. He's so sweet but has a temper. It scares me for what's to come. :( Seriously. I just want a sweet child. :( I don't want to have to be mean or have him out in public acting out and making me look like a bad parent. :( But for now.. he's pretty good. He's a ham.

    Cooper is one gorgeous little boy.


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