Man oh man

It's been a week.

To start out, it's our first week of classes. So things at work are ca-razy. Not to mention that one of our employees here took off Monday-Wednesday (usually not allowed and she is in a leadership role. ) Not talking about my feelings on that.

So anyhow ... my hyena of a two year old decides that Monday night he doesn't want to sleep and proceeds to come in our room approximately every 1.5 hours, giggle and climb into bed with us. Not cool. And not happening, Cooper Michael. Daddy and I will not have kids in our bed.

Fast forward to noon Tuesday and I get a call from the babysitter thatn he has a fever. Thank God she isn't licensed because She didn't make me pick him up, but wanted the OK to give him some Motrin.

Last night the hyena acts just fine. But we wanted to keep up the Tylenol/Motrin and didn't have Motrin, so at 8 p.m. I'm heading to Walmart (post workout so probably a great People of Walmart shot right there) for Motrin. Get there and realize I don't have my holder with my credit/debit cards and have a minor freak out. Have my checkbook and they let me use that, even though I don't have an ID.

Get home, tear apart my car, purse, everything and STILL can't find the cards. Panic attack. Last remember using it on Saturday night (no spending here) and likely having it at the movies. Thankfully there aren't any charges on any cards, so I quickly call the movie theatre.

THANKFULLY, a theatre employee found it while cleaning and it's locked up in lost & found. So thankful for good & honest people. So now I'm just hanging out, driving around with no license. Whoops. (And wondering if I need to get new cards?)

Oh and then last night the hyena sleeps until 4:30 then decides it's time to party (guess we should have woke him up for that next dose of meds after all). So now I'm cranky, anxiety-ridden and exhausted.

My mom is pretty convinced Super Cooper has an ear infection because she said I did the exact same thing when I had them - not sleep, run fever, but generally act OK. So in the midst of the craziness at work (my lunch break the two days earlier this week consisted of wolfing down a salad while at my desk) I will be taking him to the doctor today. Momma needs some sleep.

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