Thursday thoughts

Baby, it's COLD outside. Polar vortex again? I am so, so ready for it to be warm again!

I got our DISH bill the other day and it was almost $10 more than last month. Crazy. I'll be calling today (if I remember) to see about cutting back or getting some sort of a discount, because the amount we pay for TV is rediculous. I have considered dropping down the the least expensive, basic package, and then just doing Netflix or Amazon Prime for things we'll be missing, like C's beloved Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

I'm getting REALLY sore from all the workouts, so long, hot baths have been a must! I'd love to have a glass of wine, but it's not worth the calories.

Earlier this week I went to the doctor for my annual physical/mole check. Yup, I am covered in moles so we check them out annually. Thankfully nothing needs to be removed right now, although we are monitoring a couple. However, I have one on the back of my neck that Cooper loves to play with/pick on, so we decided to go ahead and shave it off. Pretty easy and painless process, with only a tiny scab :)

How fun does this wine glass look?

I don't think I ever posted after C's doctors appt. last week, but he ended up having a double ear infection. Yikes. His first one, and it was in both ears. Thankfully the medicine worked very well and he was back to himself in no time!


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  1. You look so cute in that knit hit! Also that wine glass is AWESOME! I want one STAT!


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