So, we ended up having ALL of last week off due to the snow/ice/etc. The main roads were cleared, but side and gravel roads were pretty slick. And with a salt shortage and freezing temperatures, it just wasn't clearing. 

Today, I was actually excited to go to work. There were some flurries this morning but no biggie. Very pretty actually.

Get to work and the network goes down. Of course. Once it's up, I'm getting in the groove of work, updating my calendar, replying to some emails, etc. ---- and then a coworker popped in to tell me the College is closing. Seriously? Because of two snow flakes? 

It turns out, our main campus was getting a lot more snow. There are several hills there and people couldn't get up the hills so we closed. OK ... I did my grocery shopping and got the last of the Valentines treats for daycare. 

During the afternoon I relaxed, cleaned the kitchen and did my workouts. I'm in a new workout challenge on IG, called #stopandgivemethirty. It's not to late to join in!

And here's this week's menu plan!
Sunday: Baked spaghetti, salad
Monday: Baked spaghetti, salad (This is leftover from last week and I don't want it to go bad!)
Tuesday: Brown beans, cornbread
Wednesday: Stew meat w/gravy, mashed potatoes, corn
Thursday: Beans and cornbread
Friday: Salmon, scalloped potatoes, salad
Saturday: Leftovers

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