I turned 29 last Friday. Since my work was closed all week, I considered it an awesome birthday treat :) However, I was super stir crazy, so I started out the day by going to a Chamber of Commerce coffee in one of the towns I usually visit.

After I picked up some lunch, I went home and just chilled. Our accountant had called to say our taxes were ready, so hubby and I decided to go get all that lined out --- especially since my parents were in town, so we dropped Cooper off with them at Walmart! Afterwards, my parents took us to get some Mexican - only after promising not to tell it was my birthday, as this restaurant sings, puts a hat on your head and smears ice cream on your face - no, thanks!

Hubby had not been feeling well and since we are trying to be healthier I told him not to worry about a cake. But he ran into DQ to get me a little ice cream cupcake = perfection.

Once we got home I was quarantined to our bedroom with Mr. Cooper while hubs got my gifts all set up.

He did great! I got a new shirt(s) and a matching necklace to wear out on Saturday night, two workout tops I commented on while shopping the week before, the Ripped in 30 DVD I had requested, and balloons (from Cooper, who says they are his!)

On Saturday, I went up to Cape to visit with a friend who was in town. We did some shopping then lunch at My Daddy's Cheesecake. We just had to share a couple slices. I was feeling majorly guilty at this point, so I hopped on the treadmill for a little walk once I got home.

That night, we went to dinner and bowling with some friends.

I'm so glad my friends think I'm a princess and want everyone else to know.

And that pretty much wrapped it up! Very low key, but I feel very loved and ready to make the most of this LAST year in my 20s!

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  1. Happy Late Birthday! Ah, to be 29 again. I just posted about my 40th, LOL.

  2. Sounds like a fun birthday! mine's tomorrow. you're 8 days older than me LOL


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