Still snowed in + birthday wish list

Well it's Wednesday and I still haven't been to the office all week. Yesterday they were predicting some bad sleet/ice/freezing rain. We did get a bit, but thankfully not at all like it was forecast. It was still VERY slick this morning and hubby called around 9 to say he was stuck. Thankfully someone pulled him out with a tractor. I'm pretty sure we'll be back tomorrow. If not, I know someone who is going to daycare, come hell or high water. 

Our power went out around 4:30, just after I finished a workout. Slight freak out and flashbacks to the ice storm of 2010. I was stinky and the little dictator was pissed because he couldn't watch his choo choos. PRAISE THE LORD the power was back on within an hour, especially since our house temp dropped 2 degrees in that time. Generator is going to the top of the list of things to buy for the house. 

Yesterday, I bought our plane tickets for our CA trip! I have a friend getting married in Paso Robles in April. I've been keeping an eye on the tickets and Southwest seems to have the best deals, and when the flight out there went to $125 each, I snatched them up! Now we just need a good sale on the return flight. From my research, PR is about 120 miles from LA, so that's where we are flying into, and returning to spend a few days before we come back to MO. 

I've really enjoyed having the time to cook healthy breakfasts and be able to eat them at a leisurely pace the past few days. Today it was scrambled eggs with a bit of cheese wrapped up in a tortilla. YUM! Other favorites have been ants on a log and apple slices with peanut butter on top. 

I have to admit, I've been pretty lazy on my "bonus" days off as I like to call them. But then again, I do have a 2-year-old hyena under foot, and pretty much my only "break" is nap time, when I squeeze in my workout and soap opera watching. Today I'm going to try to get my yard sale/consignment stuff sorted, as well as clean the bathroom and spare bedroom. 

And since my birthday is coming up on Friday, I thought it would be fun to post a little wish list on here. 


I've been drinking SO much water and would love a new tumbler/bottle. THIS one looks fun!


I think it would be fun to give yoga a try {since I'm doing LOTS of running now} and have heard great things about this JM DVD. Thoughts? Any suggestions of other DVDs? 

Since I've been working hard on losing weight and have the CA trip coming up, I've asked hubby to save some of my "gift budget" for about a month and take me shopping for some new clothes!


I've been wanting a hooded wind/rain jacket for a few years, and THIS one is amazing. 

Of course, someone can throw in a mani/pedi, hair appt. or anything like that and I would be perfectly happy as well. Or some $$$ for our Cali trip and/or clothes!

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