Weekend wrap-up

Remember all that griping, moaning and complaining I did about summer hours last week?

Good news - the weekend was worth it! Oh, and I finally completed this season of The Good Wife (!) and deleted more than 10 hours total off the DVR!

Thursday we did some work outside to save $$$ with our contractor this week. Our basement/patio reno is really going now and we are so excited!

I like to keep things exciting, so on top of my first week of weird hours, I had a freelance project due on Friday. I pretty much did not have any time to focus on it early in the week, so once I got everyone fed and cleaned up on Thursday, I sat down to begin work. I got quite a bit done so called it a night a little after 11.

Friday morning I hoped to sleep in, but my little man had other plans! I got up around 6:30 (which is an extra 45 minutes) to get hubby's lunch packed and was heading back to bed, but Cooper was awake. We had a pretty leisurely morning at home, and then I got him dressed and off to daycare - I pay regardless of whether he goes so as long as daycare is open, he'll typically go for at least a portion of the day, especially since on Friday I was busy with finishing my freelance job AND had to drop it off and run some errands that night.

Late morning I had most everything done and popped in T25. Friday is double day and I was hoping to do both workouts, but our BluRay was messing up so after about 15 minutes I just decided to get in the shower.

After our afternoon errands, I got home to do my second workout and get cleaned up, then picked up C and we got ready for a family dinner. My cousin and his wife and son were in for the weekend so my uncle had a lot of us up there. I'm a sucker for a free meal :)

Saturday we slept in a bit (but not long enough, COOPER!) and then hubby treated us to "cake-cakes" at Cooper's request. I then got to work cleaning up in the kitchen and doing laundry. We played outside a bit, too :)

We had a birthday party at noon, so I also got us ready for that. After the party, we ran to Walmart to get hubby's Father's Day card. J had been raking hay but got caught in the rain, so he got home about the same time as us. C had not yet napped, so we laid down and all ended up sleeping almost 2 hours!

Sunday we again had "cake cakes!" I needed to do the grocery shopping, so hubby took C with him to the hay field while I went shopping ALONE! We all got home about the same time but then J needed to go bush hog for a friend so C and I settled in --- I decided to clean out the closer while he watched Cars. Then once I got him to nap, I did more house cleaning.

We ended the evening with BBQ pork chops and fresh {from the store :)} corn. Yum!

And now it's back to work ... is it 6 p.m. Thursday yet? :)

And here is this week's menu plan::

Monday: Spaghetti (squash noodles for me), garlic bread
Tuesday: Chicken pot pie
Wednesday: BBQ sandwiches using pork chop leftovers, fries (sweet potato for me)
Thursday: Leftovers
Friday: Baked salmon, rice, Brussels sprouts
Saturday: Leftovers

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