May/June goals

I'm getting back into setting goals and wanted to recap my May goals today and also give the June ones. Right now, they are mostly health and fitness related, but maybe next month I'll expand out a bit.

I did a decent job in May. Finished the 10K and smashed the 5K goal.
Sadly, I only hit about 23.5 miles -- which really has me bummed since I was at 21 miles by the 10th! T25 was just way harder than I thought, and our weekends were so busy I couldn't even squeeze in runs on Saturdays (off from T25) or Sunday (stretch day) like I had planned to.
I did a great job on the water. It's pretty much all I drink now so not hard to do!
Early in the month I really cleaned up the diet, trying spaghetti squash, edamame and some other foods. Then graduation came around and I ate crap. I'm on the clean-ish eating train again though!
And T25 is going great! I start Week Four today and really like it - although I can't believe I move up in just two weeks, these workouts are still kicking my butt.
All in all, I'm going to give myself a B for May!

And the above are my goals for this month! I'm in a challenge group and there was a goal not to weigh in for three weeks for a prize - and I did it, even though I tend to weigh in daily! It was hard, but kind of liberating. In T25, they want you to do stats every Saturday, and I do have to weigh in some for the challenge group, so that's why I say "less often" - I'll do it when I need to, but don't want to get on there once or twice a day and be bummed by the natural fluctuations.

Our food consumption has gotten a bit out of hand lately which is the reason for No. 3. It's not only healthier, but better for the wallet, too!

15 miles is probably a bit of a reach, but I'm really going to try to run at least once every weekend, and maybe one night on the treadmill.

Alcohol has been a bit of a downfall for the diet lately, I think. I really hate to drink my calories. I thought of giving it up all together, but don't want to be miserable if we end up having last minute plans or something.

The water is a given. More on the #1000in30 can be found HERE. And, um, who that is on Facebook ISN'T doing the abs challenge?

Here's to a healthy June!

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