Midweek randoms

Guess who's back... back again!

Well hi there. I was doing so well on regular blogging but then life got a little crazy. I'm not yet sure how much I'll blog about it yet. Anyhow, I figured what better way to re-enter the blogging world than a random catch-all post, right?

{1} We are practically at the halfway point of summer hours and I am so glad! The mornings actually aren't the worst part for this gal who likes to sleep in, it's the evenings (and lack of time to relax) that is killing me! In July, we are off on the 3rd, I'm taking off on the 10th and will probably take off a couple days the final week when the Hubs is on vacation, so we are definitely on the downward spiral!

{2} Big Brother premieres tonight and I am soooo excited! I look forward to it every summer and WILL find time to sit down and watch it.

Your Source For Big Brother 16 Spoilers!

{3} So ... our sitter is out of commission for a bit (that's where the crazy comes in.) Thank goodness it's summer, as our 15-year-old niece is our live-in nanny three days a week, my cousin and her daughter are watching him the other day and I am off on Fridays. It's just a lot of juggling and I can tell that Cooper misses his friends. So I'm on the lookout for fun activities for him to do with cousin Hannah. Suggestions?

{4} I'm still working out like a beast (and loving T25) but the weight loss has stalled a bit. Probably because I'm eating my way through workouts. Y'all ... I had pizza three times last week! Honestly, I'm pretty happy with where I am in terms of weight but want to continue to be fit and tone BUT for the past four years I think (since before I was preggo) hubby has teased me with $500 for new clothes when I get to a certain weight range. I am currently 5 lbs. away so I really want to hit this goal!

{5} We went to a fun birthday party over the weekend and Cooper had a blast, especially playing with the Play Doh :)


{6} My dad farms so of course Cooper LOVES the tractor/combine. Well, he was helping a friend near my house last week so Cooper got to ride for a little bit. He loved it. My mom is keeping C on Friday since I have to work a golf tournament, so hopefully he'll get some quality Pa Pa time.

{7} After nine months of pushing it off, our contractor/builder finally came to finish the work outside our basement. Now the real fun begins - putting the inside back together (we wanted to wait until the outside issues were fixed to hang sheetrock, etc.) Cooper had a ton of fun playing in all the dirt piles :)


{8} For Father's Day, we ended up going to Buffalo Wild Wings. Cooper was a nut the entire time.

{9} We are 95 percent potty trained! More detailed post coming soon!

Have a good Wednesday!

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  1. Okay, first, in that picture of Cooper playing on the dirt, he looks like a little man! And second, that is going to be such a nice outside area!

  2. Oh wow, you have had lots going on. Sitter troubles can make life insane but sounds like you have it semi worked out!


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