30 Before 30

Back after my 29th, I started working on a 30 before 30 list.

And then I forgot about it. Denial maybe?

Well, after my friends started turning 30 last month, I figured I should dig it out, finish it up, and get to work, since the big day is less than five months away!

It's kinda cool, because I've already accomplished a few of these things. I had a ton of fun making the list (and my girlfriends had fun giving advice too!) and it was really cool to think up things. I went for a mix of fun/responsible/risky, etc and am so excited to mark all of these off of my list.

I figure I'll try to update every month. For now, here's the list I've made:

Goal Accomplished Who can help me
Run a 10K 10-May-14  
Weigh less than 150 lbs. Done! (and then some :)  
Pay off my vehicle    
Send snail mail 1x/month Aug.: Christine b-day  
Three mommy-Cooper dates    
Monthly date nights with J Aug: Rodeo, Jessica party  
Take Cooper camping    
Do five things from my Pinterest board    
Learn to do yoga In progress (DVD)  
Perfect making gravy   Mom
Try something crazy on the menu    
Have a great and relaxing trip to California Done!    
Take a spontaneous weekend trip    
Make mozzarella cheese    
Go to a spa/get a facial    
Do something risky/out of the norm (skydiving, hot air balloon, zip lining)    
Spend time at a shooting range    
Find something to hang over bed in master   Jimmy
Make a will   Jimmy
Drive an airplane   Jimmy
Ride in a cotton picker   Jimmy
Learn to use my DSLR    
Finish the basement and celebrate with a big party   Jimmy
Go to a drive-in movie   Jimmy
Buy a bicycle    
Eat the worm   Jimmy
Splurge on something rediculous for myself    
Do a random act of kindness, like paying for someone else's meal in the drive through    
Make wine or moonshine   Uncle Kenny
Buy lobster and cook it/serve a fancy dinner   Liz

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