Yay Friday!

Just sharing some randomness from my brain and my phone this week :)

{1} It will be a paint weekend! I've been talking about our basement project FOREVER and last week, hubs finishing the mudding/sanding in the bathroom so we got the primer on. Now it's ready for color. Paint makes SUCH a difference. I'm hoping he's able to get started with installing the fixtures, etc. this weekend too. More progress pics to come, but here's a start.


{2} It turned fall here in the past 48 hours and I'm not sure how I feel. On one hand I LOVE the cooldown, but on the other, I know what comes after fall ... winter. Ick.

{3} My month of running is going well. I can't remember if I've mentioned it here yet, but I have a 5K the first weekend of October and want to do it in under 25 minutes so really want to focus on training to get a good time (since I never seem to train more than a couple weeks anyhow :/) Plus I am in a weight loss/healthy living group and my goal for this round was to average a mile a day, which means 84 miles. We are at the halfway point and I'm only at about 26 BUT the good news is that I am definitely on track to hit 40 miles this month which will make a huge difference!

{4} This kid totally cracks me up. We got home the other day and J was mowing, so C wanted to "sit on the gate and watch Daddy." So sweet! {Yes, before long hubs came over to get his little buddy to ride with him.}

{5} I started a 30 before 30 list back in February/March after my birthday and forgot about it until this week. My birthday is in less than five months. EEEK! So I'm finalizing it and the good news is I have already accomplished a few items. I just need four more things and it's set.

Happy weekend!

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