Neighbor Days 2014

My hometown does a little Labor Day weekend festival every year called Neighbor Days. It is the most hick, redneck event ever. Seriously. One of the main attractions is the greased pole climb, where you climb up the pole to win money at different points along the pole.

But it's also a big homecoming, family/high school reunion. And the food is great, so we go every year.

I'm definitely NOT a pageant mom, but I did put Coop in the Tiny Mister Neighbor Day pageant so I can show him off :) Although hubs and I only live about 20 minutes away, I still feel like I don't see the Benton people very often so it's a fun time.

There were a total of 13 1&2 year old boys in the competition. Coop was No. 11 so I was pumped to only have to be on stage with a restless 2-year-old for a short time. But let me tell you, it felt like forever. His eyes lit up and he waved big once he saw his daddy, but that was it. Once we walked off stage, I was sweating and just ready to be done. Oh, and I should mention he refused to let his number be pinned to him, so I had to hold it. That boy.

There ended up being a tie between four little boys for third so they had to go back up. Thank goodness Coop wasn't one of those. But then, it happened - they were announcing the numbers of the Top 3, and Coop was one of them. I knew he wasn't third ... but was completely shocked when they announced he was the winner. My Coop, the 2014 Tiny Mister Neighbor Day.

Once we finished the crowning and festivities then changed him out of his white shirt, it was time to eat! I had yummy BBQ and homemade potato chips - what I eat pretty much every year on Friday night. My Dad then purchased a funnel cake and several fried Snickers (yes, the fun-size bars are dipped in funnel cake batter and fried - YUMMY!) and once our bellies were filled, we hit the rides, which was what Cooper had been looking forward to ever since he saw them at practice earlier in the week.

He rode cars, motorcycles, went down the slide, and also bounced in the house. After an hour or so, there was a storm moving in, we were getting hot, he was getting cranky, and we went home, because of course the royalty had to be in the parade the next day.

My stubborn little child was just that the morning of the parade - Daddy had to hold him and he refused to wear his crown or sash. Haha. But he was a cute kid, smiling and waving as we wound through the streets in the big city of Benton.

Afterwards, we promised him a few more rides. I even calmed down enough to let him ride the kiddie rollercoaster. (Sorry, I have a bit of an issue with rides that I remember being on as a child, put together and operated by crackheads who work for minimum wage.) After a little lunch, we headed out for the day, because I had some birthday festivities to attend later in the day for one of my besties.

And that was Neighbor Days 2014!

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  1. That looks like a fun little Festival
    I can't believe you were surprised he won, I mean really, he's the most handsome little guy ever :)


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