Birthday Treats :)

This is a pretty big year in my circle of friends. Over the next 6 months, several of us are turning 30 (GASP!) Thankfully I won’t reach that milestone until February.

Anyhow, there are three birthdays in the course of ONE week. So it was party time! Here lately, I’ve been sooo disappointed with the card selection at the local stores because, to me, a card is important. {Have I ever mentioned that I got so terribly upset with my husband one year because although he did the cake, etc. with friends, he didn’t buy me a card? Oh the nerve J}

So I turned to a new website I had heard of, It’s affiliated with Shutterfly and has so many card types that you can customize. I love that! There are also some small gifts you can have personalized as well.

Once I received the cards, I was super excited to rip into the package! They looked amazing and my friends were very pleased with them.

My bestie Jessica works next door to me, so she got super duper special birthday girl treatment – homemade {from a box} blueberry muffins, coffee, and a balloon tied to a coffee cup, which I also ordered from She was quite excited to say the least.

I found the prices on Treat to be extremely reasonable – I’d say comparable or less than other retailers. They frequently run sales, plus they have bulk packs you can buy for discounted rates per card. And being able to customize with photos or insert my own pictures really was the best because birthdays are special occasions. That typically call for at least a week of celebrating, right?

I had my cards mailed to me to personally send on or give out, but the cool thing with Treat is that you can just have them mail it directly to the recipient for the cost of a stamp! You also get to set up the date to have it mailed – so, theoretically, I could design a bunch of cards each quarter and just tell them to mail four or five days prior to the big day and not risk ever forgetting a birthday, anniversary or other special event. WINNING!

I should also mention, once you create an account, they often run sales and will email to remind you of upcoming holidays (like Grandparents Day!) as well as the deadline to order. Total lifesaver.

I was provided with a credit to for taking time to speak with them, however, this blog post is not sponsored. I’m just sharing what I think to be an incredible site that I will definitely utilize!

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