Monday, Monday

Hey hey hey!

How is it already another week and the last full one of September? And the last official day of summer? Craziness! I have no idea how time is flying by so quickly.

Life has been super busy lately. We're dealing with some transitions at work and I'm under a bit of a crunch. Last week, we were all sick and unfortunately are still dealing with it. I mean, if anyone finds my lung that I coughed up last night, please let me know.

Add to that a mile-long to-do list and we just always feel overwhelmed and don't often take the time to relax and enjoy life/one another. Friday night was gorgeous so we did grill out. On Sunday, my in-laws wanted to have some family together for a fish fry, so we went to their house and it was more or less an all-day affair {due in part to spending 3 hours in the car!}

The upcoming weeks aren't looking much better either. Don't get me wrong, I love being a social butterfly but mama's got a basement to finish! This weekend is the big carnival in the town where we live so I have to walk in the parade on Saturday and then go see our niece in the pageant. The following weekend we are signed up for a Saturday 5K and have plans to get together with some friends that evening, who are coming from out of town.

The silver lining is that I get a couple days off the second week of October for fall break. However, I have this HUGE stack of crap to get rid of and told my mom that I'd do a yard sale with her. Which basically means our next four weekends are planned out. Our sitter is taking off Thursday and Friday the following week and I'm really debating taking off but we will see if I can talk the hubs into it!

Pretty much the only thing that keeps us fed is that I do a ton of meal planning and prep on Sundays. I've even begun dividing up the food and putting it in containers so I can just grab in the morning versus that extra step. When did I become old and boring?

Anyhow, we did get the basement bathroom painted a couple Fridays ago. Wine played a huge role. It's looking good and I can't wait to see the finished product.

Still running a lot. Starting to do a bit more weight lifting and I like it. A lot.

What's happening in your lives?

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