#Blogtober14: I Can't Live Without ...

Day Three ... One thing I can't live without
Helene in Between Blogtober

This is a rough one! As I sat at my computer ready to type, I tried to decide which way to put this. I mean, obviously I can't live without air, water, food, my family, etc. but that's a given, right?

So I figured I would go with the frivolous, non-essential items. Which would have to be my iPhone.
Y'all, I use that thing for EVERYTHING. Anytime I whip it out to look something up or just pass the time because I'm bored, I'm in AWE of the fast that we have these devices that four years ago I didn't. I use it for music, to track my food intake, my mileage, keep up with friends and so much more. It's absolutely insane. And don't get me started on the photos and video - yes, I have the fancy expensive camera but rarely take photos with it because my iPhone is so easy and handy.

With that being said, I definitely do spend too much time on it and I'm working on that. The last thing I want is to waste my kid's life because I'm too busy scrolling through IG or Facebook to keep up with the latest. So I'm working on that. Actually, I've been trying to plug it in to charge once we get home for the night and definitely after bath. That's been a big one.

What about you - what can't you live without?

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