Five on Friday

Two posts in one day ... what what? Ha even though I'm loving having some real thought provoking content, I can't forget my randoms, if not how will I know what I was doing on this day in 20 years, especially if Timehop crashes?

{1} So I've been sick since the middle of September. I finally went to the doctor on Wednesday, only because my ears were clogged and it hurt to chew, swallow, talk, etc. The verdict? Infection in both ears. I didn't know 29 year olds even got those! Thankful for good medicine.

{2} Even more thankful because we have a busy weekend! Saturday morning, bright and early, we have a 5K. My goal is to finish in under 25 minutes and it's gonna be close. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the medicine really kicks in by then and my body acclimates because last night's run was rough. We are also going to an Oktoberfest event and spending some time with friends that evening.

{3} I got my second Happy Mommy Box in September and it was another hit. My favorite piece is this bauble bracelet. I normally don't wear bracelets, especially something this big, but it actually doesn't get into my way and I really, really love the bling of it.

{4} We are very excited that the Cardinals have moved on to the NL Division League Series. Wahoo!

{5} How is it October? I mean seriously. This year seems to have flown by! We've had some really incredible weather the past month that was above average temps but still. Honestly? I would be OK in a world with only summer.

Have a good weekend!

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  1. Glad your feeling better. Earaches are the worst!
    I LOVE that bracelet too, so chic
    Hope your having a nice weekend


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