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Geez, it's been so busy lately I just realized I haven't really taken a chance to sit down and blog in a couple of weeks! I swear, the fall/spring get this way every year ... in the fall, it's like we are squeezing in every thinkable activity before winter hits and by the time it's warm in the spring, everyone is ready to get outside.

But I digress...

Work is pretty busy. We are set to complete our new building very soon and I'm really putting the push on for as many donations as possible prior to our big open house/ribbon cutting ceremony in the spring.

When it comes to my work outs and weight loss, I'm sorta in maintenance mode right now. I've been participating in a challenge group on FB that's 12 weeks long and you pay $10. There are some weekly challenges and an overall winner who takes the $ leftover at the end. Well, I ended up taking the prize for this round! Basically you set a goal and if you hit it, you are in a random drawing to become the winner. Mine was to run 84 total miles (an average of 1 per day the duration of the challenge.) Honestly, I didn't think I would hit it as I only ran 9.4 measly miles during the month of August, but we did a lot of running in September and it totally saved me! So I've decided I'm kinda burnt out though and really not loving the treadmill and haven't worked out at all since last Thursday! Pretty sure I'm going to pull out my Les Mills body pump that I bought earlier this year and give it a try beginning next week.

I'm really excited to take Cooper trick-or-treating on Friday! Yes, this is his third Halloween and the first to dress up and go out. I just didn't really see the point in doing it when he was only 11 months old. Last year I was debating it, but I had to be at a work conference in St. Louis that fell over Halloween, so hubs ended up taking the day after off work and the boys met me in St. Louis! I'm sorta glad we waited because he's really eager to go this year and I just love when kids are excited for something they want to do other than just doing it because Mom/Dad want them to do so.

We had some really great weather here over the weekend ... it hit 80 on Saturday and Sunday! Unfortunately there was a big rain/cold front yesterday, which means colds all around now.

We also took advantage of our nice weekend/weekend with no plans. I finally got to do some house cleaning and actually enjoyed it, LOL! Hubby did the final outside work for the season like weed eating, round up, etc.

What's going on in your life?

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  1. Fall always is SO busy! I have the hardest time keeping up with things, too!


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