Baby R2: 28 weeks

How far along: 28 weeks, officially in the third trimester. I'm 7 months pregnant, people!

How big is the baby: Baby weighs about 2.25 lbs. (about the size of an eggplant) and measures 14.8 inches from head to heels. He/she can now blink eyes and may be able to see the light that filters in through the womb.

Weight gain/loss: I didn't step on the scale today ... we've been painting, etc. in our master suite and everything is out of order.

Sleep: Well I've been sleeping on the pullout couch the last three days so you don't want to hear the answer to this. It's decently solid sleep, but crappy conditions (and DST isn't helping!)

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: Taco bell. Carbs. Strawberries and cantaloupe. Lemonade.

Gender: We'll find out when born!

Movement: A ton. I love seeing the "ripples" on my belly.

Worries: Nothing big. I had another "episode" in which I had a ton of cramping/pressure on my cervix, but I'm thinking the workout/yoga-type pants I was wearing were too tight and hit me in the wrong spot.

The belly: Growing! I realized this was the same dress I wore a couple weeks ago so did a comparison - 26 vs. 28 weeks.

What I'm Loving: We had more time off last week due to snow/ice so of course that was great! My energy levels are mostly crap these days.

Symptoms: Back pain. My normally very deep belly button is now an outtie. Wah!

Milestones: Does being in the final trimester count?

Big Brother: After eating and looking at his big belly rubs it and says "I have baby sister in my belly, like mommy!"

What's different this time: I looked back and it sounds like I had a killer sinus infection. I'm not going to say I'm healthy as a horse or anything right now but thankfully I'm not messing with something like that again (yet ... knock on wood.) Also been keeping up regular workouts and I'm very glad for that little escape.

What I'm looking forward to: Sleeping in my new bed tomorrow! Well, assuming the mattress gets delivered (we bought it at a different store.)

Best moment of the week: We had some errands to run over the weekend and dropped C off with my parents. It was great to have a few hours alone with my husband, eating CFA ...

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