Case of the Mondays

It's only Monday and pretty much the only thing getting me through the day is knowing that it's a two-day work week.


No but seriously. And yes, this coming from the girl who was off Wednesday-Friday for another snow break.

Lemme complain for about a minute, K?

::We are having our new bedroom furniture delivered on Wednesday
::We already sold the old stuff. Which is great because it's out of the way, but J & I are sleeping on the pullout sofa which is about the most uncomfortable thing possible.
::Since our bedroom is EMPTY we are repainting the walls, doors and trim. Oh and then decided to caulk. And have the floors cleaned.
::When I say floors cleaned, I don't just mean our bedroom. No, my dear, dear husband decided to have them cleaned in the master, hallway, living room AND the tile in both bathrooms and the kitchen. Not one room in my house is put together and it's driving me insane.
::Did I mention we still have to paint all of the trim? And now he's talking about repainting the vanity in the master bath, which is where I do 90 percent of my getting ready?

Obviously I'm glad that the house is getting cleaned, it's just a lot all at once for me, especially since the list is getting out of control and we still have so much work to do. I may or may not have had a huge freak out over it all yesterday and cried a solid 10 minutes. Then add this stupid Daylight Savings Time into the mix and it's just got me on edge.

I need to win the lottery so I can pay someone to do all this work while I pop up my feet and relax at a hotel, oblivious to it all.


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