Baby R2: 30/31 weeks

How far along: 31 weeks today. 63 or less days to go :) I never finished my post last week so I'll be combining today.

How big is the baby: At 30 weeks, baby was about 15.7 inches and weighed around 3 lbs. (about the size of a head of cabbage.) Eyesight continued to develop, although not very keen - Vision now and right after birth is around 20/400. At 31 weeks, baby is about 16 inches and weighs approximately 3.3 lbs - about the size of a coconut! We are now headed for a growth spurt! Baby can turn his/her head from side to side and arms, legs and body are beginning to plump out.

Weight gain/loss: +26. Officially more than my total gain with Coop. I've got to get a handle on my sweet tooth ... after Easter.

Sleep: Pretty great! Loving the new bed and I've been able to get straight back to sleep after my bathroom breaks. I've had a couple crazy Charlie horses (one work me up, the other hit when I was trying to get out of bed to pee) but other than that, really, really good.

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: Sweet tea, strawberries and peanuts. Anything carbs :) No aversions. Thankfully my glucose and iron levels are great so nothing to worry about when it comes to nutrition.

Gender: We'll find out when born! I'm holding strong that I think it's a girl.

Movement: A lot, but I feel like this baby isn't as active as Coop. Maybe this child will be more chill?

Worries: Nothing in particular. The baby is still very low which is painful at times, but I'm not really concerned with going into labor too soon.

The belly: Big. Ha! Everyone says I look tiny and I love seeing their expression when they find out I'm measuring a week or so ahead.
Same shirt at practically the same point in pregnancy merits a comparison shot

Today - 31 weeks
What I'm Loving: Nicer weather. Getting our house (specifically the master suite/bathroom) put back together.

Symptoms: Back pain, Charlie horses and allergies.

Big Brother: While eating and noticing a fourth chair the other day, declared "Baby Sister sit there!" Pretty sure he doesn't realize how tiny and helpless the baby will be when he/she does arrive.

What's different this time: Being so low and getting to look forward to a 36 week ultrasound!

What I'm looking forward to: Easter. I love seeing Cooper get so excited about these events. It's fun to look back at how much he has changed and I'm excited to have another baby to "grow up."

Best moment of the week: Finishing the bathroom! Moving everything back to our bedroom is a task, but then we get to start working on touching up the baby's room which makes my little nesting heart happy.  

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