Front Door Love

Since the weather was a bit cooler (but still gorgeous!) this weekend and we're waiting on mulch, we decided to finally tackle our front door — something I've wanted to do since Day One, as J insisted we repaint before we replace the door handle. 
Let me tell you, it was a task! The previous owners had painted the plastic trim around the window and it was peeling. We originally planned to just spray paint it white, but found windex and fingernails — and a lot of time — would peel it away. 
Here's a step-by-step of our Sunday afternoon.

The beginning:

That is one nasty door! See the smudges and peeling? And yes, I forgot to photograph until J already took it off the hinges.

After we peeled off all the nasty paint, we taped it off so we could spray paint. Yes, Hanky Poo is in the background and was a good doggie while Mommy and Daddy worked.

Jimmy does a GREAT job with a can of spray paint. 

Once everything was semi-dry, we taped the edges and got started on the door. We chose a charcoal color, as we didn't want a freshly painted door and shutters the same color, but faded shutters.

A new, pretty door handle :)

And it's hung! Now we just need to do the side panels ... hopefully after work a couple of nights this week. 

Now for a couple more pictures of my sweet baby:

I bet he thinks he has the most boring parents in the world :)

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