Thursday thoughts

- I was off work on Wednesday and got a lot of my house cleaned! And thank goodness, it was getting pretty bad.
- In addition to the surface cleaning, I'm doing a lot of hard-core cleaning. My mom and I are having a garage sale in two weeks, so I'm making a real effort to declutter as much as possible! I did this a lot when we moved and have been a lot better than usual. Unfortunately, my mom is one of those "hold on to it" people so I'm hoping she doesn't make me change my mind at the sale. 
- We originally planned the sale for this weekend but something came up and I'm glad, with all the storm forecasts. Plus, this gives me more time to go through everything. 
- With no real weekend plans and the threat of bad weather, we aren't sure what the weekend will hold! I'd like to finish painting the front door. We've also discussed painting our living room ceiling (before the ceiling fan is hung) and maybe painting the living room - if we can find/agree on a color, that is.
- My dogs are crazy and going to kill my garden - if I don't kill them first. I swear, Hank looks at it and obviously thinks it's a doggie playground. There are paw marks all over, and it doesn't matter how many times I tell him no, he still goes in. And of course runs where things are planted, not the rows. I may have to put up a doggie fence!
- I tried a new chicken recipe the other night and we absolutely loved it. It's here. I substituted brown rice and added a fifth breast, but that was it. 
- Yesterday, I decided I'm tired of being fat. I was doing great losing weight, but I bring entirely too many sweets into the house and have been working so hard on the house, the Shred has been tossed to the wind. So I'm back to drinking a TON of water (I got up at 4 a.m. to pee!!) and trying to be a lot more conscientious of what I eat. I did so much housework yesterday I didn't bother to work out, but I need to start getting some sort of daily exercise.
- I have to work later tonight. Yawn.
- Speaking of work, I had a really bad day earlier this week. A fire broke out around 8 and I went to get pictures. They rescued a lady from the house ... and she later died. I love my job, but I hate being the nosy reporter there taking pictures and asking questions. My heart really goes out to the people who knew the women. Oddly, there was a fire in another town we cover three weeks prior to the day and I wore the exact same shirt and pants. I know it's nothing big, but I'm such a conspiracy theorist I don't know that I'll ever wear that combo again!
- That's all. So there it is .... a lot of words about nothing. 

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