Workin' on the weekends

People warned us, and now we see just how true it is — when you are a homeowner, you never get a day off!
We got started working on the flower beds yet again Friday afternoon. We didn't have a lot of time because I insisted we go to a fish fry with the best hushpuppies known to man, but got some work done. I had to work Saturday morning but once J and I got home from some grocery shopping, we got at it again and actually have measurable progress now!
Here's a couple of before shots:

Everything is horribly overgrown and scattered. We also removed all the blocks. 

And here is the after:

All lined up :) We'll trim them in a few weeks, once the plants get over the shock of transplanting. We'll also add mulch and blocks. 

We still need to dig up on this half of the house, replant to mimic the bed that is done, mulch, finish blocks, etc.         

There are also plants in front of the sidewalk. We plan to move those to the sides of the house or get rid of them all together. 
The weather is looking good for the week, so I'm hoping to get in a solid hour at least of work every day, so we can really get with the program on Friday and Saturday morning. I can't wait to post pictures of the finished product!

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