Things I'm not loving

— I've decided I don't like fall after all! These past two days, I've been sneezing up a storm and having a horribly runny nose. This is my new bff (along with chicken broth, sweats and blankets):
— My tires need replaced and I definitely don't want to shell out all of the money for them. Sad face. I've known they were border line for a little over a month but J said he would monitor them if I wanted to wait. Well, while I was at the grocery store last weekend a kind man pointed out one of the tires was low, and it practically went flat that day! So I am going to get a new set this weekend. Goodbye, paycheck. 

— Mice! They are running around the house like crazy and I can only guess it's because we live near corn fields that are being harvested. We finally resorted to poison and just hope Hank doesn't eat any dead mice and get sick. Last week the kitchen smelled a bit so I went digging and found a dead one in a cabinet - gross, but a victory!

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