What I'm Loving

* I'm leaving work in 10 minutes! I got here at 6:30 a.m. and am ready to nap!

* It's a four-day work week! After working six days last week, I'm ready to relax!

* Our fence is almost done! All we lack is grounding and hooking up the hotwire and a small section. The problem with the section is that our neighbor's chain-link fence is nine inches over the property line there, but we are going to help them move it this weekend and then hopefully get it done. So no more paying rent on a pasture when we have four acres!

* My ring is being cleaned! I used to be sooo addicted to getting it cleaned but have let it slip and it's NASTY! Plus a couple of the prongs are loose. I have insurance and am fully covered if anything happens, but J hand-picked my stone and I would die if I lost it. 

* Yummy food! We had potluck at work today and I am stuffed. I likely ate more dessert than actual food. I'll be spending some time with Jackie Warner tonight :)

--- There are a few things I'm definitely NOT loving now, so tomorrow I'll update on those. 

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