What I'm Loving

01 - I get Shannon time today! Shannon is the girl who cuts my hair (the only one for just over three years now) and I always look forward to my appointments. This is the last one before she has her baby, so I've got to make sure it will last just over two months!

02 - The Big Brother finale is tonight! Up until a few weeks ago, I really wanted Lane to win, but his protecting Brit turned me away - so go Hayden!

03 - Our fence is almost done! Thank goodness - I can't wait to not have to pay that extra $50 a month for pasture rent and drive 10 minutes to feed the critters. 

04 - There is a wine festival downtown this weekend! I can't wait to spend time sipping wine with great friends!

05 - Football season is here and my Tigers are 2-0. Woot Woot!

06 - I am getting back on the workout train! Maybe those last 10 pounds will finally budge over the next two months and I can treat myself with some highlights once Shannon gets back :)

07 - I keep saying it, but the weather lately has been absolutely GORGEOUS! I'm just ready for my allergies to clear up. Zyrtec works, but it makes me soooo tired. 

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  1. Thanks for playing along! I just love getting my hair cut too :)


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