Weekend wrap-up

It was such a busy weekend I'm glad I had an extra day!

Friday after I got off work I went to preview a garage sale my mom saw advertised. I actually work pretty closely with the woman who was hosting it and emailed to ask about one of the items (a curio) and she invited me to come that night, although the sale didn't start until Saturday. I typically don't ask to go to sales early, but since she brought it up, of course I took her up on it. I ended up buying the curio and several other items, including a couple tools for J, for just under $100! And I know I promised a picture of the curio today, but I got so busy yesterday I didn't have the time to take one! Later that night we went to the movies and enjoyed some Mexican :)

Saturday I was just plain lazy. I cleaned a couple of rooms and watched a lot of movies. 

Sunday we went to pick up the curio cabinet and I did more cleaning and some organizing. Later that night, we went to a friend's house for a little potluck. I ate like I hadn't eaten in years! I took some apple praline bread that I made last week and little piggies in a blanket. We also had tortilla, ham and cream cheese roll-ups, wings, better than sex cake and pecan tarts, to name a few. I've got to get some of those recipes!

Monday I was off work but J had to work (haha!) Well, this summer my mom did some canning for me when I was too busy, and said I could help her with some bigger projects as a "repayment." So, we cleaned up an area of her basement and got rid of several bags of trash and boxes. It's far from perfect, but a start. 

Today has been crazy! I only had the time to do this post because I'm waiting for a return phone call. Let's just say my GM called me yesterday regarding something so I told him I'd be in by 7 a.m. Since we were closed yesterday, it was busy catching up this morning in addition to the new development. And since I left the house early, I was dressed for work when J was about to leave and carried my phone in the kitchen, which he grabbed in addition to his! So I am definitely ready to clock out at the end of the day. 

And there you have it. A big 'ole chunk of text that no one cares about :)

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