Weekend wrap-up

It was another busy weekend! You know it's bad when you actually look forward to going back to work :)
So here's the wrap-up:

— Got off work and cleaned the kitchen. There were two days of dishes in the sink. Yes, that bad. Then I curled up on the couch and watched some really bad TV and went to bed early.

— Went to work. Came home and took a three-hour nap. Cleaned out and washed my car (which J was supposed to do for about four months but never did!). Treated myself to couch time after I finished the two-hour task. J got home and we decided to get cleaned up and go to Lowes to look around. Amazingly, walked out of the store empty-handed. Got some late-night Pizza Hut, then went home to watch a movie in bed. Heaven. 

— Cooked a big breakfast then finished cleaning the kitchen (mopping included). Folded a load of laundry that's been in the basket for about four days (sad, I know). Cleaned up the living room and got J to vacuum --- goodbye, stickers that have been KILLING my feet! Played with our doggies. Ran some errands and then drove truck while the boys hauled hay. Wheezed away while my allergies went into overdrive. Had J drop me off at the house on his way to take his nephew home. Cooked salmon patties, fried tators and noodles in tomato juice  - for the record, J says these were my best fried tators ever, and almost as good as his mamas! Watched The Amazing Race. Went to bed.

This has been an absolutely crazy Monday at the office! No one seems to be cooperating and I'm ready for 4:30 to get here. Then I have a couple of errands before going home, getting some sort of dinner in the oven and unloading hay in our neighbors' barn --- they are so sweet to let us use a stall while we don't have a barn built yet. 

It's a three-day work week for me and I can't wait! We're going on a little trip to St. Louis Thursday-Friday --- any suggestions for what we should do? 

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