Blog award ... Seven Facts

Earlier this week, my bloggy friends Kati and Leslie tagged me for the Seven Facts Blog award. You girls are too sweet!

The rules are that you must write seven facts about yourself, award it to a fellow blogger, let them know AND link back to who awarded you. So ...

{1} I take cards a little too seriously. I think I have EVERY card that was ever given to me, and I get seriously upset if someone "special" forgets to give me a birthday card. J didn't realize this until I FLIPPED OUT two years ago when I didn't get a birthday card from him. I'm also the girl who looks for half an hour for the perfect card, even if it's just for an acquaintance.

{2} I love writing to-do lists. And putting my initials by the tasks once I finish them. 

{3} I'm a sucker for sales. Especially garage sales! But I'm no match for my mom — I always do best when she is with me. 

{4} I fall asleep on the couch (before 9 p.m.!) more nights than I care to keep track of.

{5} Although I would LOVE to have a prissy little girl someday, I have a fear that I'm going to have two boys and live in a house full of stinky boys!

{6} I don't really understand football (probably because my high school didn't have it!) but I LOVE to watch the games. 

{7} I love having a neat and clean house, but prefer to spend my time watching trashy rerun reality shows.

Thanks again for the award, girls!

And here's who I'm tagging:

Melissa Jo



Megan (who is having an AWESOME giveaway for a Coach purse, by the way)


  1. Great facts! :) I keep most cards people give me, too! It's so fun to go back and read them!

  2. Thanks for the award! I'll be posting my response up tomorrow!

  3. These are great! I share your same fear on #5. Our dog is a male, and I have a baby boy on the way. Ahhhhh! Fingers crossed for some more estrogen in this house in the coming years.

  4. UGH! I have a fear of only having boys, too! I told my hubby that we will keep trying until we get a girl. Not that I don't like boys. I want one of those, too! Haha!!

    Got you down for the extra entries!

  5. I have a fear of having only boys too!! and I'm a major to-do list maker! loved learning more about you!

  6. that is hilarious about how you initial your to-do list items! i'm a major list maker, but just a crosser-offer... no initials. thanks for stopping by my blog!

  7. Thank you very much for the award!!! I am going to post it tonight (I have a lot of posting to catch up on)


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