What I'm Loving

There are *so* many things I'm loving this week! I blame it on the sunshine.

So ...

{1} I'm LOVING the spring-like weather! When I heard the weather man say it may hit 60 today, I decided to pull out the sandals. Since I hate wearing socks, this is huge for me.

{2} I'm LOVING that I have a fun afternoon planned. My dad goes to a farm show for a few days every year, so my mom is meeting me for lunch at a local burger joint and then we're getting pedis and doing some shopping/browsing. 

{3} I'm LOVING that I finally got my taxes filed today! Once I get the actual money, J and I are going to pay off a BIG purchase and also get another loan about halfway paid off, which makes me very excited. I.Hate.Debt.

{4} I'm LOVING all the cards lining our entryway table. 

{5} I'm LOVING the sweet Valentine's gift J got me --- a Tervis tumbler. He said he thought it was something I'd like but never ask for --- very true! I've seen these in Blogland and thought they were neat, but that was it. Well, I LOVE it and think I'm actually drinking more water during the day having it. It's always more fun to drink out of something pretty :) The cup was also filled with V-Day candy. 

{6} I'm LOVING that my sweet boss is working for me on Saturday!

{7} I'm LOVING that we made a lot of progress on our latest project this weekend. I should have pictures next week. But here's one of our lovely supervisor...

{8} I'm LOVING my new blog design :)

{9} I'm LOVING having Crock-Pot meals and lots of leftovers 

{10} I'm LOVING that Survivor kicks off tonight, and that there is a new Criminal Minds show. Two CM in one night? Yes, please!

{11} I'm LOVING that I have a winery trip planned for tomorrow. 

{12} I'm LOVING all my IRL and bloggie friends who make me smile. 

{13} I'm LOVING this sweet man, even though he frustrates me sometimes. 

What are y'all loving today? 


  1. I love my Tervis too, its definitely one of those things you'd like to have but never you really wanted til you had it.

    I'm loving the pic of Hank supervising, too cute!

  2. I'm loving crock pot meals and leftovers too! Got a sandwich idea for leftover roast from Marie@Pouty Pink Princess.

  3. Great loves! The design is too cute! Brea always does an amazing job!

  4. Our neighbors had Tervis tumblers and Scott loved it. I got him one for his bday and he was SO EXCITED! I had my mom get him another one for Christmas. He bought me one for Christmas and all 3 kids. I guess you can say we are converts:)

  5. Love your new design! So fun and bright!!

    I have been loving the weather lately, too! Such perfect and happy weather! Oh, and we are watching Criminal Minds right now. : ) I can only watch it when my hubby is home...or I get scared. Haha!


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