I usually like to do a weekend wrap-up post for the entire weekend, but this week, I'll focus just on Saturday. Especially since we basically climbed into bed once we got home on Friday and then just spent Sunday cleaning house and doing laundry. 

Anyhow, I had a few $ off certificates that I had received for my birthday month from Penneys and VS. These were the good certificates where it's just like $15 off a $15 purchase so you can theoretically get something for free, so I hated to see them go to waste. 

Life has been so busy lately, that I told J earlier in the week we were having a date day on Saturday, so I called it our SaturDate. Yes, I am a dork. 

Anyhow, once we got moving, we stopped at TJ Maxx and I bought a new shirt. No picture, of course. 

Then we went out to Olive Garden. I have been CRAVING their soup, salad and breadsticks. I love their salad so much I can eat an entire big bowl all by myself! Sweet J isn't really an Olive Garden fan (in fact, he asked me to make spaghetti last night because he prefers mine) but went because he knows how I love it. 

I never knew OG sold their dressing, which I love! After J asked, I just had to buy it --- even though the bottle cost $4.95! I will be using this for VERY special occasions!

After stuffing myself with chicken and gnocchi and salad, we headed to the mall. There, I actually had two certificates, so I was a sweetie (haha!) and let J use one of them. He ended up with new socks - which actually helps me not have to wash so often. Ha! 

I ended up buying a new pair of capri-length sweats. They are the Soffee brand and very comfortable! I am hoping they provide some running inspiration, as I plan to run in my first 5K in about six weeks. 

I also had a Bath & Body Works coupon, so I picked up a small bottle of the Carried Away lotion. My skin can sometimes be sensitive to fragrances and I get bored easily, so I love getting these small bottles for next to nothing and having lots to choose from? 

At VS, I fell in love with this Cards shirt. It was only $15 after my coupon and I've somehow lost my short-sleeved team shirt, so I consider it a must-have!

We also bought some new work shoes for J and lipstick for myself while at the mall :)

After we left, we planned to go home, but I decided we should stop by Big Lots. J wasn't too excited about it but still went (bless him!) and actually ended up finding quite a few things. I think too often we are pressed for time and don't browse through the entire store, but we purchased several things for killer prices. We spent about $70, but I'd say the total worth was about double that. One of the best purchases were the interlocking blocks - we got 16 square feet for 12 bucks, which is the best deal we've found! They are going in our basement workout room, under the weight bench. 

That night, J decided to meet up with some friends at Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the fight, but I stayed home. I ended up taking a long bubble bath in our garden tub and then having a The Good Wife marathon so I could delete some of the episodes off the DVR. It was a great weekend and I can't wait for another SaturDate!

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