What I've Learned ... about friendship

I haven't participated in Top Two Tuesday for awhile, but this week's topic really struck a chord with me. I never like to participate in these things if I don't feel I have anything real to share/contribute, but a lot of things about friendship have come to the front burner over the past week, so ... 

Top Two Things I've Learned About Friendship

{1} The BEST friends are the ones who tell you directly what they think of your decisions, etc., and don't go around talking behind your back. Maybe I'm just different, but I'd always prefer someone straight up say "I don't think that's a good idea" or "I don't agree with you" than tell someone else that. Because it always gets back. Always. And I, too, try to be extremely honest. My friends all know that while it may hurt, I'm the one who will be blunt with them and not sugar-coat everything. Tough love :)

{2} You don't have to talk/text/email every day to be friends. This is the biggest thing I've learned! During college, some friends and I drifted apart. But once we lived close to each other again, we picked right back up where we'd left off four to five years earlier! We can go a month or longer without talking on the phone, but it's still good! I'm there for them, and they know I'm still there too. I'm not saying it's bad to have contact every day, but I also don't think it's necessary to be great friends.

Happy Tuesday, y'all!


  1. I definitely agree with both of yours, but mostly #1.. TOUGH LOVE!

  2. Definitely agree with these!! My friends and I are all separated, but it's like nothing has changed when we get back together!!


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