Ban on homemade lunches?

One of my facebook fans posted a link to this article on her wall. 

Say what? 

I think that lots of times, children (even high schoolers) won't eat unless it is something they enjoyed. I know I went to a rural high school where eating in the cafeteria wasn't required, but I doubt I would have had a daily lunch had I been forced to have the school option. 

In my four years of high school, I'd bet I only spent about $50 on school lunches. I was blessed to have a stay-at-home mom who packed my lunch every day, but that was mostly to ensure that I would have something to eat.

Does anyone else have thoughts on schools banning kids from bringing food from home? 

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  1. Um yeah, let the school TRY to tell me that I can't send lunch with Kanin. They would probably have one less student next year. You should see what the school offers . . . nothing but HFCS, breaded, and processed. I'm not "super healthy mom" or anything but seriously when the ONLY vegetable offered is corn, there is a problem.


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