Building project: Shelves

I sorta alluded to this building project back in January/February. Well, we've been done for about two months, but I kept forgetting to blog about it until I was going through my camera and found the images. 

Anywho. We have a large basement that is mostly finished, so I try to keep all of my "storage" contained to one room, where the pump/hot water heater/furnace and all that fun stuff is. Well, I didn't have shelves for all of my canned goods or a great place to stack things, so it was a holy mess. Which lead to the great shelf-building project of 2011. I'm still sweeping sawdust out of our basement, haha. 

We bought all the supplies at Lowes for about $150, which I consider a steal compared to the cost of the ready-to-assemble shelves. 

J actually got the project started when a friend stayed with us one weekend. As we still plan to hook up the plumbing in our basement bathroom that shares a wall with the storage room, we decided to build the shelf along the back wall in two pieces, so we could just move half of it. 

The next couple weekends, I helped and we finished up. Believe me, I learned a TON about measuring, using saws, etc. 

Safety first, haha. 

Measuring :)

Hank gave a lot of good advice and pointers. (Please excuse the mess stacked against the back wall! It's what came out of the room)

He also took naps and declared us the most boring parents ever. Broke my heart.  

And finally, the finished project!

I was only slightly excited. 

Now the shelves are filled, but I can find everything I need. And I love it. 

Thanks, honey, for helping me build these. And making sure I still have all of my fingers :)


  1. I want some! Too bad I don't have the space for them right now! hehe


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