March goals recap/April goals

OK, so March wasn't the best for me. Here's the recap:

— Work out at least five days a week, journal it and share on the blog on Fridays (so I can keep myself accountable.) This past week is the first that I did five days. It was more like four most weeks.
— Lose 5 pounds. Big fat fail! 
— Run at least twice a week, train for April 5K. I did it! Other than the week I was sick.
— Drink at least 64 ounces of water daily. Er, not so much. Some days I did. And some days I didn't.
— Save something (even if only $25) from each paycheck. FAIL! Planning a shower/bach party is expensive.
— Play with Hank at least once a week. Totally did it! Two or three times some weeks. That little man loves his bird.
— One date night or day, outside of the house. Yup! 
— Order photos for my hall collage and get it hung (I've had the frames for a year!) Still not done. Maybe in April?
— Clean off the desk in the office, throw out papers we don't need! Nope. 
— Only one meal out per week.
I did great at this the beginning of the month, but totally blew it in the last week!

Wow, looking at it like that, I sorta feel like a failure. 
Here's what we're looking at for April:

— Host the best wedding shower/bach party EVER.
— Lose 5 lbs. 
— Run the 5K in 33 minutes or less. 
— Don't deplete my savings. 
— Date day/night.
— Finish the damn hall collage.
— Gather and price all items for May garage sale 
— Two meals out per week (giving myself a little more wiggle room)
— Clean the office
— Do laundry every weekend (as long as I have a full load)
— Try at least one new recipe

Here's to a great April!

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  1. Good luck with your goals this month! I love your blog : )


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