five on friday

I'm off today, so it's an even better Friday. Here's a bit of random-ness :)

{1} After more than four years with the SAME email password, I had to change it this morning due to possible hacking. Sigh.

{2} FINALLY got the garden planted last night. Hoping the dog will stay out and there will be plenty of sunshine mixed in with all the rain forecast for the next week.

{3} We'll be leaving for Branson in ANY MINUTE. So excited. Photos to come :)

{4} I also have Monday off of work and hope to get some in-depth stuff done around the house. I have a bridesmaids sleepover here next Friday, so I at least need to have things clean enough to be a good hostess :)

{5} We're missing a lot of things this weekend (birthday parties, a divorce party, a crawfish boil) but I'm STOKED to be getting out of town for a few days :)

Happy weekend!


  1. Hope ya'll have a great time in Branson this weekend. Lucky you that your off today - I would give anything to be off today and getting some stuff accomplished.
    I have to say I couldn't help but laugh when you said "Divorce party" :)

  2. Enjoy your four-day weekend (lucky)! BTW, what is a divorce party? :)

  3. Um, I would be so annoyed if I had to change my main password. I've had it FOREVER!


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