Five on Friday

Work is still hectic! I've forgotten how long it takes to clean off my desk after some time away. And a software upgrade totally has me off of my game today. Hopefully next week will be better?

My good friend Jessica is getting married in TWO weeks. So last night, we died her petticoat to match the bridesmaids dresses. It looks FAB! Her man just started a new job and is in training for a few weeks, so she brought precious Payton, 2 1/2, over to play with us last night and we had a BLAST. I think we are going to have weekly play dates and I am so excited. PS, I'll have a post on dying the petticoat soon.

Have I mentioned how much I love garage sales? I've gotten some great steals lately. Walking out with a bag full of stuff for $10 is the greatest feeling ever :)

About a month ago, we purchased some azalea plants at a local festival. They are still in the containers. Whoops. What can I say? It's rained a lot. We had to pull dead stuff from where the azaleas are to be planted. Now we think they need extra soil and we need a tractor to level out the ground a bit. Being a homeowner is so much work!

I am looking forward to cleaning my house this weekend! It has not really been spic and span since Easter weekend and it's driving me crazy! I don't know if the seemingly never-ending pile of dirty dishes or the mountain of laundry is worse, but I'm hoping to make some good headway on all that this weekend!

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