What I'm Loving

The week sure is flying by, huh?

{1} I'm LOVING all this sunshine and temperatures in the 80s! My kind of spring! Last night we worked out in the yard until about 6:30 p.m. and I was in heaven!

{2} I'm LOVING that I got to spend some time with my mom yesterday, and she made me wilted lettuce (among other food) for lunch. Wilted lettuce is one of my biggest weaknesses. I can seriously just fry some bacon to crumble in and eat a large mixing bowl full of it for supper :)

{3} I'm LOVING that I got my bridesmaid dress altered yesterday, so I'm all ready for May 28 to get here now :) Tonight we are dying the bride's petticoat --- wish us luck!

{4} I'm LOVING my awesome friends, both IRL and bloggy :)

{5} I'm LOVING that I got my hair trimmed and thinned yesterday. Totally needed it. 

{6} I'm LOVING that I get dumplings and dressing for lunch today. Been looking forward to this for a week. 

Sorry for the boring post without any pictures, I'm just still pretty swamped at work and honestly haven't taken the time to take any of my own and don't feel like scouring the web at the moment. 



  1. Those are some awesome things that you are loving today!!! Hope you have a great Wednesday!

  2. Okay - please share, what is Wilted Lettuce?? :)
    And I'm loving this weather also girl. It just screams come outside. Ha. :)

  3. LOVE LOVE this weather, too! We deserved some nice weather after all the nasty weather!

  4. It's gotten a little TOO hot for me to truly enjoy this weather down in Georgia- but I'll still take it over nasty cold weather!

  5. I'm loving this weather too! I actually got a sunburn the other day! I've never heard of eating wilted lettuce??!


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