— We had a GREAT weekend! I took several iPhone pics, but they are mostly on J's phone, so I'll have to make him send them to me so I can do an update.

— Between vacation, my leadership class on Thursday and being out of the office most of the day Wednesday because I covered a banquet that night, I really haven't been "to work" much for the past week. So it was definitely rough to come back in today.

— We were very close to the tornado in Joplin, Mo. while driving home from Branson on Sunday. I thank God that we weren't in the tornado's path and actually didn't even run into any rain on the 4.5 hour drive home. 

— I always like to have a day off to recuperate once I get back from a trip, and I did just that yesterday. After sleeping in, I got to work on laundry and picking up around the house. I also cleaned out my spare bedroom closet (EEEK!) and that room, since I'm having a gals sleepover on Friday night. Just a bridesmaid duty, haha. 

— Is there an easy way to blog/check blogs from your iPhone? I can pull up blogger, but it won't let me scroll down. I know I should probably just use Reader, but it's very intimidating for some reason. 

— That being said, I haven't really read many of your blogs since Wednesday. I am working on it though.

— In response to questions I got from Friday's post, a divorce party is just a celebration to mark a couple's divorce. After being separated for four or five years, S&C finally made the divorce official, so he had a little party to celebrate. Since we missed it, we brought S a little favor back from Branson. 

I think that's it! I'm super excited for the wedding weekend, although there is lots to get done (including house cleaning!) before we leave. 

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