It's the little things ...

I hate being the couple in the restaurant staring at one another. 

J doesn't get it. To him, being quiet is just about relaxing and enjoying the moment. To me, it's about having NOTHING to talk about --- and I just don't see how that's possible for two people who work and are apart from each other the majority of the work week. 

But yesterday, I think I finally made him understand. We were outside, playing with Hank and watering the horses. I look over to our neighbors' house and see them each sitting on a swing that's opposite from the other. 

I always want to be on the same swing. And I told him that. And I think he gets me a little more now. 

Is anyone else freaked out by the idea of being old and losing the spark? Because I think my neighbors have...

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  1. YES! I get so wierd about quiet moments like that too!


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