Back to Work ... sort of

Back in July, I started a new job. This opportunity was a real blessing, as it provided additional income and benefits for our growing family, and was also a big step up for me, career-wise. 

Something we didn't realize until I was already employed was how short-term disability benefits (which typically cover maternity leave) works. Basically, it will not cover a pregnancy unless you have been on the plan for 10 months. In fact, I couldn't even sign up for the insurance while pregnant. Not only that, I couldn't continue my STD from my former job (although I'd carried it for 4-plus years) AND I didn't yet qualify for FMLA, since I hadn't been at my new job for a full year. So I was looking at no pay after I exhausted all my accrued time off, in addition to having to go on COBRA and pay out-of-pocket for my insurance during that time. Ouch. 

LUCKILY, our college president was very understanding to all of this and open to making arrangements to help me out. As of today, I am out of time off. So I am working from home, part-time/as needed, for the next two weeks, until our Christmas break begins. I'll head back to the office on Jan. 2 - just a couple days shy of six weeks postpartum. 

While this wasn't my ideal situation, I am so thankful to still be drawing a paycheck during this time. I'm definitely not happy that I have to divert my attention away from Mr. Cooper for a big part of the day - however, I am grateful that I can still be here to take care of him in terms of feedings, dirty diapers, and just giving him love and attention when he needs it. 

I am totally not ready to leave my baby boy yet (and I know I still won't be as of Jan. 2) so this is what is best for us, right now. 

Today will, hopefully, be an easy day. Coop has a dr. appt. this afternoon, so I'll only be working until about 1 p.m. Honestly, it's probably good practice too, as my new bosses say that if he is sick and/or the roads are bad, I am able to stay home to work. 

Now excuse me while I cry get some work done so I can continue to buy diapers for this kid!

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