Tidbits (with lots of photos!)

Guys, how is it Friday already? My first full week home with my little Love Bug is wrapping up. I mean, how am I going to leave this on Jan. 2? 

Anyhow ... 

  • Coop went to the doctor yesterday. His weight was down to 9 lbs. 3 oz. It had been 9 lbs. 6.5 oz. during his home visit on Monday. However, yesterday was a really tough day and when he was weighed at 3 p.m., he hadn't eaten since 10 a.m., so I'm hoping it just had to do with him not eating in awhile. 
  • We aren't thrilled with this doctor. Something didn't feel right. We go back in a week, if that doesn't go well either, I will start looking for someone new. 
  • Cooper had a touch of jaundice, but nothing horrible. So he celebrated his one week birthday with some sun tanning :) 

  • I just can't get enough of his expressions!
  • He is also very hot natured. I swear, I could let him lie around naked just wearing socks and gloves and he would be just fine!
  • I had a lot of fears about being a mom and specifically bonding with Coop. It did take about a day for me to *really* love him (more on that in a post to come) and a few days to feel comfortable caring for this teeny tiny angel. But like everyone said, my mom instinct totally kicked in. 
  • Coop has his days and nights confused, so I'm trying to make the most of his awake time during the day. Last night, he was fed, burped and had a clean diaper, but cried (like a brat!) when I put him in the bassinet. He proceeded to go on and on, but hubby held me down so I wouldn't go spoil him. 
  • I mean, how could you make someone as cute as this cry his head off, even if it's just because he loves his mommy and daddy so much he just wants to be held? 

  • I obviously got behind on my Thankful Thursdays. But we'll just say Coop and his amazing little self is what I'm thankful for EVERY day. 
  • In being behind in blogging, I never finished the THANKful Challenge, including posting what my swap partner, Carly sent. She is so sweet, she even remembered Tuff and Hank dog :)

I couldn't get the photo to turn ... but she sent treats for Hank, BBW lotion and body wash (which smells heavenly!) a Christmas onesie and socks for Cooper, an apple cider candle that I absolutely love, and pecan pie truffles! I was definitely spoiled! And the package was on the doorstep when we got home after being discharged but before I went into labor, so it definitely brought a smile to my face when I came home after being in the hospital over 12 hours but with no baby. 

  • What did we do before iPhones? I love being able to capture great pictures of Cooper without having to pull out my big camera, as well as upload them to Facebook and send along to my Mom and other friends and family. Here, we grabbed Coop looking like a penguin. Ha!

  • I'm getting very stir-crazy. It's hard being home and answering to the call of a tiny little being. I think tomorrow I'm going to a craft fair in my hometown (20 minutes away) and I'll either leave Coop with my dad for a bit or hubby and baby will drive around just in case. I'm just scared to get Cooper out in public too much with it being cold and all the respiratory diseases. 
  • I can't wait for New Year's Eve! It will be one of our family Christmases, and I'm pumping to prepare for it as well as my return to work. 
  • I keep thinking about putting up Christmas decor. Then realize if I don't have time to do dishes and laundry, I probably shouldn't worry about the tree. 
  • I'm actually doing a better job of cooking now than I did while pregnant!
  • That's all for today. Happy Friday!

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  1. I love all your pictures! He is so tiny and adorable. :)

    I hope you enjoy getting out to the craft fair for a little bit. It'll make you feel good. You need your "me" time.

    It stinks about his doctor. But if something doesn't feel right/comfortable it's definitely better to go with someone you like and trust.

    Happy Friday! Hope you guys have a great weekend!


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