Five on Friday

{1} This week went by way too quickly for my liking. Sad, because I only had to work Monday-Tuesday as our Christmas break began on Wednesday. Next week is my last week home with Mr. Cooper and I can't believe it. 
This morning I actually realized that while I go back on Jan. 2, that is hubby's day off for New Year's, so we are now deciding whether Coop will go to daycare then as planned or if he will have a day home with daddy. 

{2} Christmas began for us yesterday! We went to celebrate with my immediate family, as my brother's family were in that day and won't be back until next Friday and the weekend is fairly booked already. Cooper totally cleaned up and I think his cousin had a lot of fun "helping" him open all the presents while he slept in PaPa's lap :) His closet is definitely more full now and he has new toys and more. 

{3} I am far too obsessed with soap operas for my own good. 

{4} I am seriously toning my arms. I guess lugging around a 10-11 pound child - often in a carseat - will help things out. 

{5} Merry Christmas everyone! I'm not sure how much I'll get on here in the coming days, but I wish you all a blessed holiday :)

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  1. Yay for toned arms without much effort! :)

    Grayson got some clothes for Christmas too! (And diapers and wipes.) The clothes are so adorable.

    I hope you and Cooper have an awesome week.


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