Nursery reveal

So, finally, here is the nursery reveal! 

As my readers recall, we needed a gender-neutral nursery since we chose to be surprised with the baby's sex. Plus, hubby and I always intended to have one nursery for both kids (we've planned on having two) so we wanted something classic. 

I'd originally intended to do the nursery yellow and green. But at some point during the pregnancy, I felt that may be a bit too girly. And someone referred to it as a "John Deere" nursery - we live in the boondocks - and that just wasn't the feel I was going for. So I started thinking of other ideas, came up with gray and yellow and it continued to grow on me, especially after seeing several ideas on Pinterest. Hubby liked it as well. 

From the beginning, I liked the idea of black furniture and hubby surprisingly liked it as well. The crib is a 4-in-1 so it can stay in the room forever - like all of the furniture, except I'm sure the glider will eventually find a home elsewhere. So, we spent a bit more on furniture knowing that it's an investment for a long while, not something we'll be replacing in a few years. 

We both put a lot of effort into the room - mine mostly being creative, while hubby did an amazing job of making my visions a reality - especially that yellow stripe, which he said was quite difficult!

Welcome to the nursery! My mom made the coffee filter wreath on the door per my request. I know she looked at several tutorials and I think she ended up using this one.

The teddy bear was mine as a child. I just replaced the ribbon around his neck. 

Another angle from the doorway. 

The sunflower print is actually the first piece of art I picked for the nursery and something I already had! As I've mentioned on here, I previously worked for the local newspaper and this was a photo our former photographer took and I fell in love with, so he had a print made for me. About three years ago, when he was only 38, he passed away due to a heart attack. Anyhow, one day I was in the spare bedroom and saw it on the wall and immediately began crying, knowing it was perfect for our nursery. Babies never can have too many guardian angels ... and Tim would have LOVED this little one so much. 

The lanterns and "Welcome Baby" banner were used as decoration at my shower as well. Once I make it to Hobby Lobby, I'll be buying the letters to put Cooper's name above the crib. 

The stuffed animal (no longer in the crib since Cooper is now sleeping there) was actually a gift from my cousin's little girl, Morgan, at my baby shower. So sweet! 

These prints as well as the "ABC" one above the dresser were made by my graphic design cousin as a gift! She wanted to do some art for the room and I'd seen some I liked online but didn't like the exact colors, so she worked with me to customize them a bit. What's above the dresser will probably be changed to a newborn/family photo, with a couple 5 by 7s on either side - I intended to put up maternity photos on either side, but didn't get to it. 

The angel on the left is one I acquired from my grandma's collection, while the other I bought at a yard sale early in my pregnancy and what sort of inspired the yellow "you are my sunshine" theme. My mom is working on getting me an angel or something that was my other grandmother's to put in the room as well. 

Hubby's letter to the baby from the shower. Yes, I pretty much bawl every time I read it, but it was too sweet for me to not display. 

Along with the diaper cake and humidifier on top of the bookshelf.

A very full closet! Tons of clothes and diapers :)

We have added/plan to add several items that are specific to our baby boy, like his name, to really make it his own. If/when there is a Baby No. 2, we'll change up a few things. So far, everything seems to work very well and we like the setup, but I'm considering adding thick curtains, as the room gets a lot of sunlight during the day. 

And here are the details:

Glider: Storkcraft hoop glider/ottoman, available online at several sites. We ended up ordering through, as it was least expensive there at the time. 


Lamp: My mom had bought the bottom on sale at Dollar Store and we repainted it. The shade came from Target.


Dresser: Ashley Furniture. The most expensive thing in the room, believe it or not!

White wicker basket (where we store diapers, wipes, etc.): Hobby Lobby

Changing pad/cover: Target

Crib: Storkcraft Allison Four-in-One. I tried to link it but it appears that it's no longer being made? 

Bedding: JC Penney in sage.

Paint: Glidden from Walmart. The yellow stripe is "Canary Song" while the walls are "Pebble Gray." We also redid all the trim (formerly a tan/beige shade) with a flat white. Oh, and the fan blades were previously a pine shade (I think) but hubby spray painted them black. 


  1. so perfect!! i love everything! the black furniture looks amazing...and that sweet note to cooper from his dad...just beautiful! :)

  2. cute cute! i love everything! how adorable!

  3. I love Cooper's nursery! It looks amazing! Your creativity and J's hard work really paid off!

    That letter is absolutely the sweetest! So glad you displayed it. What a great keepsake.

    I love your furniture! Especially that dresser! My, that's beautiful!

  4. LOVE IT!!! :)
    And the letter to Cooper from daddy is priceless!!! :)

  5. It looks great! I LOVE that black furniture! It's so classic and elegant looking!

  6. I love the nursery! I like that it has a really clean feel... some nurseries are really overwhelming. Also, the letter from the hubs to Cooper is so sweet :)


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